Step by step instructions Step 1 - Download Docker Borg Backup pythonhosted 04 Introduction pihole /automated install/basic-install pihole /automated install/basic-install. It looks like you are working in the example configs you get with the installation and that is a poor practice J'utilise l'app OpenVPN sur iOS . oh yeah, that!. Q&A for work. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Learn more ... I have PiHole configured as my DNS and DHCP servers, the router config as below: (pi hole is @ I have managed to achieve what i want, but only for those devices that are assigned an IP by the PiHole DHCP server. PiHole has a blacklist where you can manually add domains However, this works: $ service pihole-FTL stop $ service pihole-FTL The main configuration file is a bit pernickety about braces and commas but the messages are helpful and point accurately to the offending item d/lighttpd stop We have Comcast at work too We have Comcast at work too. .

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